THE 49ERS FidoNet Mailsystem
Articles that have been published
about THE 49ERS BBS system:
64er magazine 3/1990 cover  64ér magazine 3/1990, Page 107 and 108

 "Mailboxen vernetzt" (German) from Dirk Astrath

 Read page2 (this is the interesting part!) and page1
TeleCom magazine 11/1994 cover  TeleCom magazine 11/1994, Page 48

 "Hypermedia per DFÜ" (German) from Stefan Kuhn

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THE 49ERS went online on Nov. 3 1989 and was the first FidoNet mailbox system in Wuppertal. At that time, 7 other BBS systems from different networks (e.g. Zerberus Net, AmNet, PCNet) existed in the local phone charging range.

Only one year later, there were over 20 FidoNet BBS systems in the local phone charging range and THE 49ERS FidoNet Node played a major role as echomail (similar to newsgroups) and netmail (similar to email) distribution point in the Wuppertal area.

At around 1993, there were over 50 BBS systems in the Wuppertal local phone charging area.

In early 1996, the system was moved from Wuppertal to Bochum.

With the Internet getting more popular and affordable for everyone, BBS type systems using ISDN and modem direct connections lost most of it's visitors to the Internet.

It was time to close THE 49ERS FidoNet Node, on a Friday, June 29 2001 after being online for 11 years 7 months and 26 days.
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